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Newbie offering meme!

Long time lurker, first time poster. I want to write some fic and am asking for prompts.

The plan, which may or may not actually work: You can make as many requests as you want, but I'm only choosing one per person. The first five people get a paragraph or two of fic.

Requests should consist of a pairing (which must include Zuko) and a prompt. Please don't ask for Zutara.

Meme is closed.
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I'm curious... are threesomes allowable (not triangle, an actual polyamarous relationship/threesome)? I'm getting Zuko/Aang/Mai cravings after finding a fic again.

Doesn't have to be explicit really. Though I would like them a little older (like Aang 16 at the youngest).

Prompt: Ember Island.

If you're not interested, I'll make a different request.
Threesomes are definitely allowed! I'm less confidant about my ability to write them...

I'll try it. No promises for how well it will work, though!
(I'm not planning on writing actual smut unless somebody asks for it specifically.)
I didn't say Aang's age here, but you can assume he's at least sixteen.

The play this time hadn't been nearly as bad. It still wasn't good, but he wasn't played by a girl this time. Mai seemed to have found it amusing, but that could be his imagination. Zuko hadn't come along, and Aang was still working on interpreting Mai's expressions.

He started walking faster when the Fire Lord's beach house came into view. Zuko had been on the beach when they left for the play, and...

Yes. He was still there... napping.

Mai came up behind him.

"Are you going to wake him up?" She wasn't -quite- smirking. Close enough. Aang grinned.

He knew he might get burned for it later, but Zuko's splutters at being drenched by a bended wave were totally worth it.

Mai raised an eyebrow. "That wasn't what I had in mind."

Oh. At that point Zuko tossed him in the water, and he was too busy to worry about the misunderstanding. At some later point Mai got hit by the splash-fight and joined. Later, someone's lips collided, and someone else's legs brushed together, and the three teenagers became entangled in the ocean.

What other pairings will you not touch?
Just Zutara, really. I'm not horribly opposed to it, I just don't see any romantic chemistry between them. Which makes writing them romantically... rather difficult.
Sweet. I quite unsurprisingly request Zuko/Mai, with the prompt "salty water and sunbeams".

Also, as a crack pairing, I request Zuko/Suki, with something about revenge for the burning of Kyoshi Island.

Either of these would make me dementedly happy!
I think there was enough "salty water and sunbeams" in the other one, so you got Zuko/Suki.

Post-Boiling Rock, pre-Southern Raiders.

Zuko looked up as Suki approached.

"Hello?" Zuko was still nervous around Suki, for island-burning related reasons. "Where's Sokka?"

"Hunting with his dad." Suki wasn't smiling. Zuko wasn't sure, but he didn't think that was a good sign.


He started looking for another topic of conversation, but before he could find anything he was pinned to a wall with a bladed fan-edge to his throat. Angry blue eyes confronted his own.

"You attacked my home."

Zuko thought about nodding, but the thought of bleeding to death of a neck-wound stopped him.

"I'm sorry-"

"Sorry? You owe me."

"I do?"

"Yes. You hurt my island, my warriors. I claim reparations."

At this point, Zuko began to be less worried about the hand holding the pointy object to his throat, and more worried about the other hand, which was creeping downwards at an alarming rate.

"I'm not entirely sure what you-"

"Guess." The fingers on the lower hand tightened.

Zuko considered mentioning that he had a girlfriend, but the icy blue eyes brooked no argument.
This is awesome. Thank you SO MUCH for this!
If you're still taking requests, I have one....well bunches, but I'd really love to see this:

Teo/Zuko and for a prompt, seeing the new Zuko at the WAT brings back old feelings for Teo.

^o^ I love the idea of that pairing, but no one really writes it. I mean come on, Zuko had to have visited the temple where the Mechanist was!

Umm, but if it's not your cup of tea, how about Jet/Zuko and the prompt: something along the lines of Jet finding Ursa and returning her to the F.N. to make up for Ba Sing Se.
I know this took forever. I choose to blame this on the huge amount of backstory.

Jet hadn't given much thought to what Zuko's mom would be like. In the picture she looked like a kind, sweet lady, and Lee's scattered memories seemed to confirm that.

The woman who emerged from the well-hidden garden looked about right, unintimidating, if somewhat wary. Her hair was tied back and she was surrounded by flowers. Jet thought he even recognized a few.

"Can I help you?"

It couldn’t be this easy, could it?

"Yeah, actually." Jet took a breath. "It's about your son."

For a second, golden eyes flashed, and it occurred to Jet:
This is the woman who married the Fire Lord.
Are you still taking requests?

I request Zuko/Toph, post-series. I want to see what kind of Fire Lady she would be.

(Mostly the idea fills me with evil glee. Ahahahahaha the poor Fire Nation has no idea what it's in for.)
The Fire Lord was the living embodiment of the Fire Nation's power. He was supposed to be powerful and unyielding. Thus, the Fire Lady was expected to be his foil; living embodiments of fire were all very well, but without help they could burn themselves out.

Lady Mai had been shadows. Dark and elegant, but extremely deadly. She was also the only one who could enter into a shouting match with the Fire Lord and leave victorious. Her death, not to an assassin's blade but to sickness, had left a void.

It had also left an extremely grouchy Fire Lord.

Thus, when the loud earthbender had shown up outside Zuko's rooms with a yell of "Time to stop moping, Sparky!" the servants had expected... well, they expected well-charred earthbender.

They had not expected the Fire Lord to let himself be kidnapped. Or at least, that was the only reason they could think of for the earthbender to be seen several minutes later dragging Fire Lord Zuko down the hall by the arm.

He had come back smiling.

Three months later, Lady Toph had still not convinced the palace servants that she didn't need help getting food, or a drink, or anything.

She only accepted help with getting dressed because the stupid formal robes were impossible to get into alone, and apparently no one would take her seriously if she didn't wear them. And Zuko had asked her not to bury anyone up to their eyeballs.

Toph grinned and pointed at one of the no-doubt tacky robes that one of the maids was holding out.

"Just gimme the red one."

Also, messing with the servants was fun.

Thank you for this; it has made my day. It has made my week. Possibly much much longer.

EEE HEE HEE HEE HEE. Fire Lady Toph is the best Toph.