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Zuko needs to get laid! And he needs YOUR help.

(The Fanclub)

Zuko Needs To Get Laid Fanclub
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So you have dared to enter the little corner of the internet known as the "Zuko Needs To Get Laid" Fanclub? Then I welcome you, and I will answer your questions:

Uh, WTF?

Good question, simpleton! What is the fuck? How may we find the answer to this question?

Simple: Find someone to 'get it on' with Zuko. This is our life mission and we take it very seriously. (Not really, but we'll pretend, alright?)

Sweet, how can I join?

The same way you join any community, darling.

...Why Zuko? Why not Sokka or someone equally shippable?

Because Sokka is not Zuko. Sokka has already been laid. Twice, in fact. Did you miss those episodes? How can we have "Sokka needs to get laid" club if Sokka's already been laid?

But you still ask a good question: Why Zuko?

Well, the simple answer to that is that Zuko is Hot. Hot men need to get laid. As often as possible. (See Sokka). We hear have noticed that Zuko has not gotten laid yet. This simply cannot last, so we are trying to find a suitable person/fish/monkey that would do him.

Which makes no sense to us. We'd do him in a heartbeat. Crazy people...

Is this basically a Zuko fanclub?

Uh, sort of. But not really. It's more of a Zuko ship fanclub. We're trying to get the boy laid here, not oogle him, though I'm sure we'll do that, too.

So what's the purpose of this club?

Simple purpose: Get Zuko Laid.

Larger purpose: Try to take over the world. Find out specifically who Zuko should get laid with, discuss the many different possiblities in which it could happen, made crude and stupid jokes regarding Zuko's virginity, who would be involved when it did happen, and how would Zuko react afterwards. You are allowed to post fanfics/fanart so long as they involve Zuko getting laid in some way/shape/form.

Any other rules I should know?

The basics: No spam. No bashing.

I'm sure there will be more later, however, I can't think of any at the moment.

Hope you enjoy discussing our many plots to get Zuko laid!


The current layout was made by gardenofsnow.

ALSO, we have an affiliate: katarazuko is now our affiliate due to the shipping preferences of the mods. If you'd like to affiliate with us, drop me a comment or send me an email or something, I'll get back to you on it. ;)
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